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Project 090, 1 of 100 x Paul Simpson! Paul's career begins alongside fellow Liverpool luminaries Ian McCulloch, Bill Drummond, Will Sergeant and Pete Wylie. Paul co-founds and christens the neo-psychedelic pop group The Teardrop Explodes with Julian Cope, he then forms The Wild Swans, the indie-band of choice for literary-minded teens in the early 1980s. Paul has a brilliant solo release, 'Death Must Be Beautiful' available on AV8 Records. Be 1 of 100. 

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'Having recently relocated from my hometown of Liverpool to Glasgow, I am beyond thrilled to have been invited to collaborate with the local legends that are 1 of 100. Musically and politically Glasgow and Liverpool have always been sympatico,  and my two favourite ever Wild Swans gigs took place here (29-years apart) so this union is particularly special for me. 

'The Love Dragoon' is taken from a collage I made for the cover of my recently released Death Must Be Beautiful album. I imagine this character to be the Captain of a platoon of pansexual hedonist dandies - too distracted by pleasure and amour and to ever use their sabres for anything beyond popping wine corks. The ornate frame, a nice thing in itself, is from an 170-year old book on architecture. Superimposing the frame over the collage portrait with Richie in the 1 of 100 office made a 'third' thing that I think better than the individual parts.  

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