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Project 044, 1 of 100 x the Alasdair Gray Archive! It's an honour to be collaborating with Alasdair's son, Andrew and the archive on this exclusive limited edition t-shirt. Only 100 of these exclusive collaboration t-shirts will ever be made. All hand printed, white ink onto black or black ink onto white organic cotton t-shirts. All orders placed on the first day of sale, 6th November, will be packed in an exclusive tote bag with the alternative devil illustration. Be 1 of 100. 

'The Alasdair Gray Archive is proud to collaborate on a series of limited edition t-shirts with 1 of 100. The motif of the laughing devil is one that has appeared in many of Gray’s books, all of which he designed and illustrated himself. It seemed an apt image to use as Gray played the character of Nick (aka the devil) in the 2011 reading of his version of Faust, entitled ‘Fleck’ (published as a play in 2008). Asked why he chose to play that particular character he quipped ‘because the devil has all the best lines.’ Sorcha Dallas, Alasdair Gray Archive

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