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Project 045, 1 of 100 x ALFOS! It's our privilege to be collaborating with Sean and ALFOS on this exclusive Limited Edition t-shirt. We know how much this means to you all but unfortunately there will only be 100 t-shirts made so good luck. Be 1 of 100. Every order will come packed in a tote bag.

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'I'm very excited about collaborating with 1 of 100 as I've been aware of the high quality of their work for quite some time. Andrew and I always firmly believed that A Love From Outer Space garments should be valued as artifacts rather than just mere t-shirts, so it's great to be able to work with people that hold the same ethos.

I know that Andrew had hoped to collaborate with Richie and his team, so it's doubly pleasing to be able to realise this desire and to deliver such beautiful pieces of work' - Sean Johnston.

Let's make a pact to all meet up on Saturday night though no matter what for another ALFOS EBS Transmission, check Twitter for details.

Our T-Shirts run large so please take time to look at our sizing page to help us make sure you buy the best size for you, this will really help us, thanks!


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