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155g, 100 % Organic Cotton, Climate Neutral and printed with your unique number

Project 025?! One of our biggest collaborations yet, a four-way collab between 1 of 100, Dark Entries Records, Fear-E and the legendary Alan Oldham. Open for pre-orders, delivery around the 14th March. Everything that matters takes time. Packed in a limited edition tote bag.

'I'm excited to enter into this new international, four-way collab between Fear-E x Oldham Industries x 1 of 100 x Dark Entries. If you know my career at all, you know I've always been about making the connections between art and music, and 1 of 100 is taking all of our visions to the next level!' - Alan Oldham.

'I'm delighted to be releasing music on one of my favourite record labels Dark Entries, and the added bonus of having an all time favourite artist in Alan Oldham designing the cover is a dream come true. So it makes total sense to do a collab with a company who really pull out all the stops with theirs, in 1 of 100.' - Fear-E

Buy the banging Fear-E EP, 'Perfect set of pure, jacking warehouse Techno jams' Here

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