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A brand new Special Edition with Glasgow artist Andrew Beltran, who you may remember from our Optimo Music collaboration. This has been on the boil for a while but super happy to finally release it, we never rush, we let the universe guide us when the timing is right and we couldn't be happier!

'A friend of mine once said something like "graphic designers can graphic design until the cows come home, the far more difficult job is finding decent content to design". It was something along those lines. 

When I was asked to collaborate with 1 in 100 on a t shirt design with no particular brief beyond something relating to my practice, an answer to the question of content was not immediately forthcoming. A lot of designers actually find being asked to "do whatever you want" very anxiety inducing. 

Around the same time I was working on some titles for a film by the artist Luke Fowler using dry transfer lettering, so that was one starting point. Initial drafts still felt like they ought to be more about something, not just a design for designing's sake. The next step was to ask a friend of mine, the prodigiously talented Imogen Ayres of Möbel Type if I could use some of her beautiful letters and make the shirt into a homage to Glasgow's pre-eminent type foundry. And she was happy to do it! Furthermore I think this links back to something to do with my practice and graphic design in general in a nicer way. It feels appropriate to further collaborate within the collaboration. It seems to me that this is often the way that things get done. Cooperation makes the world go round!

Please do check out Möbel Type and Imogen's other projects including great work for/with Civic House and The Alasdair Gray Archive.' - Andrew Beltran

Check out the font Mobel 

Hand printed with love in Glasgow. 

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